MIchael Repella

    I am about as fresh as it gets to my telecom team, I was wondering if anyone knew of any good pdf docs or other documentation in regards to call routing from the PBX. In regards to ARS, AAS, Partition route tables, dialplan analysis etc. My ASA CM version is 5.2. I am just trying to learn the basics about restricting calls to certain area codes, channeling through specific trunk groups. The avaya support site has a lot of info, but it can be frustrating trying to find a specific document, their site set-up is for the birds.

    Ashish Mishra
    Feature Description guide & Administrator guide are good documents to refer..it`s a part of CM document CD..
    Francois Trempe
    just a quick overview :

    1st thing, check your display dialplan parameters to see what the UDP Extension search order is.

    If the UDP-table-first :

    • When you dial digits, the PBX will look in your list uniform-dialplan table to find out how many digits to expect and what type of call it is.
    • Then the PBX will check the dialplan analisis table to find out how many digits he should be expecting as well as what type of call it will be.
    • if your call is a ext, it would simply expect to send the call to an extenension,
    • if the type is fac, it would look in the display feature-access-codes screen to find out what this feature is that you are dialing (you will have your AAR and ARS codes here).
    • If your call is AAR or ARS, the PBX will check the AAR/ARS digit conversion tables to find out if he needs to change anything, then look at the AAR/ARS analisis table to find out how many digits to expect and where to route the calls.

    If your call is ARS you will see what route the call goes to (display route x), if you see a P in front of your route in the analisis table, it means that you are using partitions (display partition x). You then need to find out what PGN you would use (look at your COR, find the time of day chart, then look at the display time-of-day x to find what PGN you would use). Your partition table would then show you what route you should use.

    Of course there are much more things to consider, but this should give you a good start.

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