Sep 09

    Trunk Groups and Service Types

    Tyler Preder
    I have several ISDN PRIs that connect multiple PBXs together. The service type is currently set to CBC, but I am wanting to change it to Tandem (not the group type, but the service type) to utilize that hop count feature. I have not been able to find a good explaination of how trunk groups are affected as the service type changes. Does anyone have an explaination of how calls might be affected if I change the service type form CBC to Tandem?
    James Bednarczyk
    You didn't list the type of switch you have? However [URL=""]here is a link[/URL] to the Avaya DS1/CEPT1/ISDN PRI Reference guide to assist Field personnel implement and administer the various features and capabilities on DS1 and CEPT1 based trunks. (Which includes both CBC and Tandem provisioning.)
    Tyler Preder
    I am running a combination of CM 3.1.4 and CM 6.0. I will check out the link. Thanks

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