Aug 31

    CentreVu Error5 location: main_doaction on cms

    Timothy C Bianchi
    I found this below on the IAUG forum site to resolve error 5 location main_doaction on CentreVu. My problem is I’m running CentreVu V11 on a Windows7 32bit PC and the information below hasn’t solved my issue. I’ve never had this error on a Windows7 PC. I’ve loaded CentreVu onto Window7 computers in compatibility mode and it works so I’m not sure why this computers special. I’m aware that CentreVu V11 isn’t supported on a Windows7 computer and the true way to solve my issue would be upgrading my voice network. Unfortunately that’s not in the cards currently.

    If anyone has any other suggestions I’d be happy to listen to them

    From the IAUG Site
    I followed everyone's resolution and none worked out to get rid of the error 5 mentioned above. Below is my entire step-by-step resolution.

    -I uninstalled the Avaya CMS supervisor version 11.
    -Deleted all extra keys referring to CMS Supervisor
    -reinstalled Avaya
    -navigated to:
    HKLM> Software> Avaya> supervisor> 11.0> Servers> (YOUR-SERVER-IP)> LinkTimeOut = 2

    increase the link timeout by 1 to until the error goes away. Do not exceed 8. The value 3 worked for me.

    -Delete the cache file from C:\Program Files\Avaya\CMS Supervisor V11\Cache\CVS_Cache.tmp

    I did everything the instructions did all the way up to LinkTimeOut = 8 and the error never went away.
    nfstroll . .
    Take a look at this thread:
    Timothy C Bianchi
    I tired that solution you sent me the link to and no go. The Advanced Debuggibf screen on the computer with the issues was the same as the screen shot. Server TO in sec. was at 30. Maybe someone else might have a thought and this is on a Windows7 computer 32bit.

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