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    I am trying to forward an extension to a prepaid service, so that I can actually forward to an international number.

    Under forwarding I check the box for unconditional forwarding and entered the follow type of number


    where x is local prepaid phone service
    "," is to allow a pause for the first number to answer
    z is the international number I want to call.

    When I select OK I get an error message
    "no match found for the alias you specified"

    what is this and/or what am I doing wrong?
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    Let me put this another way. I need to know if there is a way to put a pause in a number so that the system dials a number, pauses for that number to answer, then continues to dial more numbers.
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    What product is this on?
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    ip office 400 (ish)

    All Times America/New_York

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