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    Avaya Partner 18D Screen Names

    Jesse Swafford
    [Atlantis Sportswear]
    I'm not sure if this is the right forum but I'm looking to change the names on our internal display when someone calls. For example if Joe at Extention 20 calls Susan at Extension 22, Extension 20 shows a former employee.

    How can I update everyone so the current employee's name shows up on the screen when making internal calls?

    Also - How do I change the time on the main display?

    One other question, is there a template to download somewhere so I can change the paper layout on each phone to show who is at what extension?

    I appreciate the help!
    Tom Thiel
    [Acme Telephone Works]
    You can change the names from the phone itself (if it is a display model) or from Ext. 10 or 11, the master programming stations.

    From Ext. 10 or 11, press Feature and dial 00, press the Left Hand Intercom button Twice, press the Right Hand Intercom button Once, and dial the extension number you want to program.

    Or from the actual extension, just press Feature and dial 00

    Now press the Left Hand Intercom button Once
    The current name is displayed.

    To spell out the letters, press the button that has the letter, then press the number that is the position of the letter on the button.

    If you wanted to spell out "Atlantis", you press 2, because it has ABC, then you press 1, because it is the 1st letter on the button, now you've got the "A". For the "T", you press 8, because that is TUV, then 1 because it is the 1st letter. The "L" is 5-3, "A" is 2-1, "N" is 6-2, "I" is 4-3, "S" is 7-4. You see the pattern.

    For a space, use 1-1, for numbers, use the number and zero.

    If you make a mistake, press MIC, which will erase the name, and start entering the letters again.

    If you are at the actual phone, press Feature 00 to exit.

    If you are doing the Centralized Telephone Programming at Ext. 10 or 11, press the Right Hand Intercom button once, dial the next extension number you want to change, press the Left Hand Intercom button, enter the name, etc. Press Feature and dial 00 when you are all done.

    The time is also easy: From Ext. 10 or 11, Feature 00, Left Intercom Twice, then dial #103. You see the current time, enter the new time as 2 digits for the hours and 2 digits for the minutes, in 24-Hour Military format, although the time on the phones is displayed in regular 12 hour AM/PM format. Feature 00 to exit.

    For replacement labels, go to, where they sell the labels that go through your laser printer, and have a free download of software, "Desi Lite" that will let you create a database of your phones and print the labels.

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