Francois Trempe
    Hi Everyone,

    I don't quite understand what the native name is. I'm able to add a native name through ASA using "change user" or "multilingual name wizard", but I don't see it show up anywhere (except for those 2 screens) even when I try exporting.

    What is this field used for anyways? I wanted to use it as a comment field to insert our employee numbers to be able to export from the PBX directly into the AD with this field as the unique key to insert the extension in the AD and retreive the correct name in the PBX. But since this field does not seem to return any value with the export, I'm not sure if I'll be able to use it...

    Henk Penning
    [HPP Technology]
    Hi Jooquase,

    Did you get an answer or find it in any documentation?


    Francois Trempe
    Ive done alot of testing on this and it looks like the field is basicaly used to display non traditional characters (éàûç...) as name for the desired extensions. The name in question will only display on phones who are compatible (most IP phones) and only if they are set with unicode display langage on the station form.

    You can only insert the value through the commands mentionned above, or though importing. Unfortunatly, I am yet to find any way to list the value of the field other than to an LDAP directory.

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