Jan 10

    CM 5 outbound Name Display

    Joanna Frizell
    [Bell Canada]
    I have a customer when calling out Name is not being sent Number is.
    I've checked the following configuration on the PBX

    1) DS1 Country Protocol is 1 and Protocol Version is 'a'
    2) Trunk Group has send Name and Number set to Yes
    3) The Trunk Group is named
    3) Features the Switch name was blank customer name is now defined

    The Outbound Name feature is turned on the ISDN PRI I checked with the Supplier. They advised the format is NI1. Outbound Number is being sent.

    Reading through documents it appears that the extension name should be being sent.

    I've been trying to figure out and searching through previous questions on this but, can't seemingly find actual configuration answer.

    One note mentioned NI2 required for sending name yet I have other PBXs configured with the same Country and Protocol Version and they are sending name. Same ISDN provider.

    Any config notes on this would be appreciated.
    AvayaTier3 bsh bshamilton
    [B & D Consulting]
    NI2 / "b" protocol is required in the switch to send name and send number

    Joanna Frizell
    [Bell Canada]
    The facility is a DMS and it uses NI1 protocol but does allow Outbound name.

    On the PBX if the Protocol Version is changed and set to 'b' isn't that going to cause a problem with the connectivity to the DMS?

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