Nov 03

    Modular Messaging FTP Backup to Windows 2008 R2

    jamie Ryoko
    Anybody backing up MM to FTP running on a Windows 2008 R2 box?

    I can get it to backup to 2003 running IIS 6/FTP services fine.

    2008 R2 I have issues. The site I creates works fine, I can run FTP commands successfully to it form a workstation using the same account as I am using for the backup, but the MM (5.2) backup fails every time.

    When I test the connection I get:-

    "Failed to create file 'test_conn_dummy1'"

    When I attempt to run a backup I get :-

    Backup starting - Wed Nov 3 11:12:43 PDT 2010; ATTENDED=y; USER=root LAN=y MODE=FTP
    NONE management package loaded
    Failed to create file 'test_conn_dummy1'.
    Network backup failed, return code from ftp is 13.

    Any ideas????:confused:

    Thanks guys!
    darin worthington
    Have the same error? Would be interested in your resolution...

    David Kimball
    [WL Gore & Associates, Inc.]
    You might check that the username for the backup has write permission to the backup directory.

    I recently got MM to send an FTP backup to a Windows 2008 R2 box.
    To make it work, I had to set the box's FTP site to the exact directory where the backup was going to go. This is found at Start --> IIS Manger. In the left pane, expand the server name, and then expand Sites. Right-click the FTP site, choose Manage FTP Site, then choose Advanced Settings. Under Physical Path put the full pathname of the backup directory.
    Once this is done, go to Start --> IIS Manger. In the left pane, expand the server name, and then expand Sites. Right-click the FTP site, choose Manage FTP Site and choose Restart.
    Now go to the MSS. Pull up the Remote Storage Configuration and in Directory put only a forward slash: /

    I don't know exactly why - maybe it was a permissions thing that I missed - but doing it this way was the *only* way I could make it work. If the backup directory is blah/blah/blah/username/backupdir and I made the FTP site's home blah/blah/blah/username and set the Directory on the Remote Storage Config form in the MSS to /backupdir, it would not work. This was different than on the older Windows server that I used to send the FTP backups to.

    This is only a temporary measure, I have been trying to get an SFTP backup working, but have had no success. Another frustrating thing is that I can't get our Message Networking 3.1 server to have a successful FTP backup to this Windows 2008 server - I get the 'Failed to create file tes_conn_dummy1' error you describe. For some reason the MN 3.1 server will *not* accept just a single forward slash as the path name. It won't take ../backupdir or any other thing I tried to clever my way around it either. That is annoying, as the MN and MSS backups are identical in all other respects. I have been reading up on the Read Me files for the various MN patches, to see if this was a known issue that was adressed, but haven't seen it.
    Joe Bongiardina
    [Macys Systems & Technology]

    MM wouldn't allow me to state a directory path of just /. I watched the ftp folder in Windows Explorer. The directory and filename were created, then the backup aborted with message Unable to save messaging-1.tar as /voicemail/mmserver_201312261052_aynyn.bkp/messaging-1.tar on"

    I can manually ftp to the destination and create directories and put files of any size, so I can't see where my ftp site settings are wrong. As other posters mentioned, this worked flawlessly in IIS 6. The move to 7.5 is killing me.

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