Oct 15

    How to forward a call into Station which has a Redirect in it

    D Todea
    [ABC Holiday Plus GmbH]
    Hi Everyone,

    good evening to you all, am sorry, am not that familair with Avaya Systems and therefore was hoping that someone could help me here. I have a Station (IP Phone 9640) here which has redirect to another station (an IP Phone 9630G), so far so good, but when the User at the 9630 gets a call and the person at the 9640 decides that he would like to speak to that caller she can't forward the call back to station 9640. What do i have to change in the settings so she can forward the call back since during the whole process the redirect remains activated?

    I hope this all makes sense somehow.

    I am looking forward to your feedback and wish you all a great weekend

    best wishes

    Paul Kahn
    Is this for an Executive/Assistant situation?

    If so, instead of redirect, I would use bridged-appearances of the 9640 extension onto the 9630 extension.

    That way, the 9630 or 9640 can answer, place on hold and retrieve from hold any call.

    Hope that helps,

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