Jul 29

    Caller ID/Name info is cut off when Agent ID's, VDN's and Hunt Group ext are called

    Suzie Jones
    [Lockheed FCU]
    I am working with CM 3.1.4 and recently added Calling Name Delivery to ISDN Trunks from our carrier. I notice that incoming calls to an Agent ID, VDN, or Hunt Group number will show the name but the phone number is cut off because the display shows the name of the Agent ID, VDN or Hunt Group Number that is dialed:

    For example,
    "Joe Smith 18185551212" would display on a direct dialed station but the information would be cut (obviously due to character length on the screen) to look like this if calling a VDN, Agent ID, or Hunt Group is dialed:

    "Joe Smith to Help Desk Hotline".

    All of the information is in the call log, however this doesn't appear until the call has ended.

    My question: Is there a way to remove the display for these objects so the caller ID is not cut off? If not, is there a way to reverse the fields so the name gets cut off instead of the number

    I really don't understand the problem for my user, but for some reason they need to be able to see the phone number as well as the name on the active call.

    Any help is much appreciated.

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