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    Number of rings for Auto Attendant

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    On our IP403, the auto-attendant picks up an incoming call after 3 rings. Is there a way to change it so it'll pick up an incoming call after just one ring, or even with no rings?
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    What voicemail system - Voicemail Pro or Embedded Voicemail.

    If the method of routing calls to the auto attendant involves a short code that has # is the telephone number, it will always give 3 rings, remove the #.

    If the calls are arriving on analog trunks set to Loop Start ICLID then the dealy is not voicemail, its the IP Office waiting for the full ICLID before routing the call to the attendant.
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    We are using VoiceMail Pro and we have analog trunks set to to Loop Start. I'm a bit of a novice with the IP403. How do I determine the method of routing calls to the auto attendant?

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