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    Configuring a replacement 4610 One-X-QE for a remote site -"No Peers Available" error

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    A user at another office reported problems with his 4610 One-X Quick Edition phones. I decided the simplest thing to do would be to send another phone to see if that resolved the issue. I plugged one up in my office (we don't have an Avaya One-X QE, but do have POE switches for use with our IPO 500).

    I programed it with his user name, the Network name, his current phone's IP address, Mask & Gateway (I chose the network gateway for his phone, not the PSTN G11 gateway address, which may have been the problem), and set the DNS server to point to their local DNS server. I also assigned it his extension number.

    The hope was for them to just replace the old phone once they received the new one and it would just boot up and work (as it had all the same settings).

    However, the reality is that it gave him the error "No peers available" and wouldn't work.

    To test, I setup another phone here in my office. We have VPN tunnels going from office to office, so I can easily reach and communicate with their network. The test phone I setup here had an unused extension, an unused IP address, and a different user name. The only thing I setup differently here was using the PSTN G11 Address as the gatway during the network setup. I was hoping that would fix it, but it hasn't.

    What steps am I missing when setting it up?
    The numeric NetworkID also appears to be incorrect. I gave them the same name, but the ID number changed. could that be the problem?

    Any help would be appreciated, I inherited the one-x system and didn't initially set it up. I also can't seem to find a concise Avaya document that deals with this scenario (if you have one, please link) .
    David Tessari
    Quick edition requires multicast to identify and join its community.. generally that equates to a flat layer 2 network... if .. as I suspect you are on a different subnet.. then it will not work as multicast traffic is usually contained within the broadcast domain..

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    Thanks for the reply.

    That explains why I can't really test it out in my local office, but I'm still trying to figure out what I may have programmed incorrectly for the remote office where they're actually using it (It's not crossing subnets once its there).

    I'll give some basics about my network config there and how I setup the phone:

    Default gateway: x.x.1.1
    One-X Gateway x.x.1.254
    Avaya phones: x.x.1.245-253 (statically assigned)
    DNS Server: x.x.1.100 (although the original phones are pointing to our remote DNS server which was on a different subnet)

    Phone config:
    IP Address: x.x.1.251
    Gateway: x.x.1.1 (This is where I'm assuming I messed up, should this actually be pointing to the G11 PSTN One-X gateway?)
    DNS: x.x.1.100
    Network Name: same name as the other phones
    Extension: same as the old phone
    User name: same as the old phone

    Given those settings, and if I'm able to change the gateway address to the location of the G11, should I just be able to swap the two phones out and the new one will pick up where the old one left off? Will there be any problems with the gateway now seeing a different MAC address with that extension?

    Thanks again!

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