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    Standby IPSI board is out of service

    jolia gates
    [Global Telecom Services]
    Dear All,

    I have added an IPSI board as a standby to the carrier B in the Cabinet in PN 1. I configured it with IP address, location, .. and also did the configuration on the SAT as standby IPSI board. The Server can see its serial number and when i do
    Status Port-network 1
    it shows that this port network includes 2 Active and standby IP cards and they are both in service
    but when i do the command
    list ipserver-interface
    it shows that the first one (in location 01A01) is active and in service while the second one (location 01B01) is Standby but OUT of service.

    The redundancy is not fullfilled and I dont know how to resolve this problem.

    I tried
    release ipserver-interface 1B

    it says:
    Invalid carrier location for an ipserver-interface

    please help..
    AvayaTier3 bsh bshamilton
    [B & D Consulting]
    change system-parameters duplication Page 1 of 1

    Enable Operation of PNC Duplication? y

    Enable Operation of IPSI Duplication? y
    George Knight
    [Oconee Memorial Hospital]
    I have been going through the same issue with our "standby" IPSI for almost a week. The primary had a blip and attempted to failover last Wednesday. The standby didn't become active. Both the vendor who recently upgraded our system and AVAYA Support have worked on this ever since then. They have changed settings, IP addresses, cables and gone through four IPSI boards. My system has been brought down without warning three times in the process. FINALLY the vendor working with a Teir three support person discovered the following setting on the replacement latest IPSI board. VLAN tagging was "enabled". This was disabled and the standby board went into service and standy. We are monitoring it but this appears to have been the issue. I have been told that most replacement parts do not get fully set to default specs so the VLAN tagging setting was not disabled. The original IPSI which would go in and out of service was new and was set to disabled but it had other problems. I hope this helps someone who may be having as stressful a situation as I have.:eek:
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    I have experienced this issue as well folks.
    The problem is you can't always believe the books-very frustrating.
    The manual asks you to set QOS settings but doesn't mention co-ordinating that with the network team.If your IPSI's are on a Control Network with no other traffic why would you need QOS?
    If the IPSI's are on the Corporate LAN with an ESS failover that is a differemt situation.

    I had an IPSI recently that was locked as well with QOS off-I had to re-program all of my IPSI translations in CM and magically the card started working and has been goos ever since-
    Food for thought.

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