Deya'a Mishael
    [Future Technology]
    Dear All
    the issue in simple way,, that when i had international missed call it's became without the 00
    so when i try to call back i need to add the 00 OR to appear the 00 in the missed call logs

    For Example: the phone number 009719876543
    in phone logs appear as 9719876543
    when i try to redial again 99719876543 it must be 9009719876543

    System information:
    G350 & S8300
    CM 4.0.1
    IP phones model 9620

    Please Advice.
    Anthony Fundaro
    [Citco Technology Management]
    try this. from the call log, after you select the number, grab dial tone, enter 9 00 and then press the call button.
    Deya'a Mishael
    [Future Technology]
    it's not working funman, thanks for advice but i think it's not logic
    i like to have some solution nice for the customer without adding any value.
    Dominic Fidler
    if you are using IP phones you can set the country settings in the 46xxsettings.txt file. You can also set country settings in system-parameters features, but remember this is system wide setting.
    juik chang teng
    can use this command (change calltype ana).
    Essam Safwat Louca
    [Fakhro Communication]
    Hi there,


    1- Change system feature
    2- Go to page 8
    3- Enter 00 in the "International CPN Prefix"

    Best regards,

    All Times America/New_York

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