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    Hi Everyone,

    I'm sure this has been published somewhere, but I can't seem to locate the information.

    With regard to MedPro DSP resources, does anyone have a breakdown of the resources available at the various supported Codec's?


    G.711MU has x available resources on a TN2302
    G.729 has x available resources on a TN2302

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    The latest Maintenance Alarms for Avaya Communication Manager manual says in section MEDPROPT (TN802/TN2302 MED PRO DSP PORT):

    "The TN802B MAP-D (Multi-Application Platform for DEFINITY) Media Processor circuit pack
    and the TN2302 Media Processor circuit pack provide the audio bearer channels for H.323
    voice over IP calls.
    Å“ One TN802B circuit pack has one MEDPROPT media processing resource; that one
    TN802B MEDPROPT can handle 31 channels, for a total of 31 channels per TN802B.
    Note that the TN802B has 11 physical DSP devices but they are treated as one logical
    MEDPROPT by Communication Manager software.
    If the list ip-codec-set screen specifies only G.711 mu-law or G.711 a-law as the
    audio codecs, the TN802B MEDPROPT can service 31 channels. If any other codec type
    (G.723-5.3K, G.723-6.3K, or G.729) is administered, the TN802B MEDPROPT can service
    22 channels.
    Å“ One TN2302AP has 8 MEDPROPTs; each TN2302 MEDPROPT has the processing
    capacity to handle 8 G.711 coded channels, for a total of 64 channels per TN2302. Note
    that early TN2302AP boards have eight physical DSP devices. Vintage 11 and later
    TN2302AP boards have two physical DSP devices. Both board configurations provide
    eight MEDPROPTs and a total of 64 channels.
    When only G.711 codecs are in use the TN2302AP has the processing capacity to handle
    64 channels. If only G.723/G.729 codecs are in use the TN2302AP has the processing
    capacity to support 32 channels. If a combination of G.711 and G.723/G.729 codecs are in
    use the number of channels supported will fall somewhere between 32 and 64. Use the
    list ip-codec-set command to display the administered codecs.
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    Thanks for the quick response.

    So, if I'm understanding the above correctly, it would appear that the TN2302 will support 64 DSP's (Talk Paths) at G.711MU or A due to the fact that there is no compression or overhead algorythems being applied. So, do you think that it would stand to reason that the available DSP resourse pool decreases with the higher compression due to overhead processing at the TN2302?
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    Thanks Gary!
    David Tessari
    In more simple terms each TN2302 supports

    64 simultaneous connections at G.711 (PCM)
    32 simultaneous connections at G.729a (CELP)

    I have verified that the system utilizes 2 resources for each G.729a call.

    Hope this is helpful

    jagdish Moolya, IT Analyst
    I had a TN2302AP medpro when i do status Media-processor board XXXX it gives me below kind of output

    1 4calls
    3 4calls
    5 3calls
    7 3calls

    I wanted to know how many total concurrent G.729 calls can be achieved with this TN2302AP medpro

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