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    Migrating from G3 to S8730

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    We are currently running a Definity G3 with CMS v9. We are looking at the S8730 (with CMS v14) as an upgrade option. If you have already done this migration, I would appreciate any feedback on how it went for you. Any issues? Did the programming from the G3 port well over to the S8730?
    Bob Kennedy
    [Continuant, Inc.]
    Are you doing cabinet upgrades as well?
    Are there any X.25 links (Processor Interface Boards) in your system?
    Are you currently running PRI?
    There are a few gotchas. Slot counts if you are going to G650s.
    x.25 links are not supported in CM14. If you have them, you'll need to convert to IP. That's on the adjunct side as well.
    Nick Kwiatkowski
    [Michigan State University]
    I've done that upgrade a few times without fail. If you have a good business partner, they will probably have experience doing it as well. There is a utility that they have called the RUP kit (you send the translations to Avaya, they process them, and make them ready for your new switch).

    The only difficulity I've seen customers have is if they were migrating from a MAPd board. MAPd and AES are not the same product, so, sometimes some old applications had to be touched as a result of that. Otherwise, I've upgraded some VERY large switches (> 4,000 stations) in this configuration with no problems.
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    We've recently migrated from a G3Si to S8730 platform and from CMS V11 to CMS V13 and everything went really smoothly. Our Business Partner used a program called ProVision to ensure that all programming was taken off the old system and then loaded onto the new one.

    With the CMS, we just ensured all Backups were done prior to upgrading, including FM and CMSADM. Upgrading was a doddle.

    With the telephone system itself, we moved offices one week, integrated one of our other sites into the new system the next week and then a month later made our only remaining remote site an LSP. Everything went even better than I thought it would.

    Hope that helps.

    Donna x
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    Your responses were helpful. I do appreciate it.
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    John Zonneveld
    [Newtel Esence BV]
    Be aware that Provision is not an upgrade tool. Normally during the upgrade process, translations are migrated to the new system when they are restored on the new system. It can well be that certain fields in an older release are not the same as in the newer release. Sometimes CM will not complain about this, but it sure can bring trouble.
    Indeed you have to remove your netcons and x25 datamodules before the migration.

    When doing a migration form a Definity R to the S8730, the bussinesspartner can use the MO-tool, this is nothing more than a flashcard adapter than can be coupled to an external MO-drive. You can't do it yourself as you need a sroot login to be able to copy the files from the MO to the S8730.
    For a SI, they can send the flashcard to Avaya together with an new circuitpack layout of the new cabinets. Avaya will convert the translations and you only have to restore them. Only with this scenario you will have a long freeze period for changes.


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