Apr 30

    Adding Avaya Options 176 & 242 to DHCP Scopes on Windows 2003 Server

    Paul Kahn
    I was trying to set up a new DHCP Scope for IP Phones on a Microsoft Windows2003 server. It was all going fine until I tried to set option 176. Its not there. Neither is option 242; and there doesn't seem to be a way to add them.

    What am I missing?

    Thanks in advance,
    Chris Birckhead
    You have to add them to general options first... then they can be added to specific scopes.. attached are the instructions... I believe page 59 is what you're looking for...
    Tom Mulloy
    [Azzuri Communications]
    I've been looking eveywhere for info on setting up DHCP for the IP phones, thanks for the PDF doc.
    Kyle Holladay
    [Prime Services LLC]
    Just in case the .pdf wasn't enough.

    Inactive Forum User
    Thanks for this post the information really helped me a lot. I know that this is quite old post.. but i just came accross this issue on my new job and it really helped me to troubleshoot... Thanks thanks and i hope soon i'd be able to contribute to the community as well.

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