Feb 20

    Peculiar report problem on my CMS

    Kevin White
    So I was playing around one day, probably exasperated as always by the questions and issues from the business, and I had Real-Time/Agent report Graphical Information open so I could watch one rep's activities. I stretched out the report itself to cover both of my screens (two 1280x1024 screens).

    It gave an error and closed the report. No problem.

    I relaunched the report. Problem. It gave me an error:

    Unable to complete the requested operation. Please try again or contact Technical Support.
    Error: 6 VP error (6) Overflow
    Location: REngine:FillReport:20

    Then it tries to launch the report after I hit OK, that doesn't work, and the report closes. This is the only report it does it for. I tried closing out of CMS and deleting C:\Program Files\Avaya\CMS Supervisor V11\Cache\CVS_Cache.tmp and then restarting the computer and logging back into CMS, but it did NOT fix the problem. It does this even if I select Run Minimized.

    Will I never be able to run this report on this computer again (barring a reinstall)? Or is there a different file to try deleting?

    John Harrington
    [Madison Gas & Electric Company]
    The window information is stored in the registry of the affected machine.

    Playing with the registry can cause alot of problems if you make a mistake so my recommendation would be to change the registry and don't make a mistake!

    On the PC, do Start, Run, regedit.

    You will find the entry under:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Avaya\Supervisor\11.0\UserSettings\{your userid}\{your CMS server name}\Reports\Real-Time\Agent\{your bad report}\Window (might be easier to do a find on "Real-Time")

    I'm guessing that the 3rd through 6th numbers are the windows top, left, height and width. You need to edit the variable and set the height/width to something more normal. Look at another report variable to get an idea.

    Good luck.
    Kevin White
    Thank you thank you! It worked like a charm, I just copied the settings from Agent Report onto Graphical Information, closed Regedit, and launched the report successfully!

    Much appreciated. :)

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