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    Modular Messaging 3 FAX Problem

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    I currently have MM 3 running. I have 3 MAS's and 1 MSS.

    MAS # 1 is running the FAX service, and seems to be running fine.
    My FAX mailbox also seems to be configured correctly, and the COS has the ability to send a FAX.

    I am connecting to MM through outlook via IMAP, not the MM outlook client plugin. I am able to receive VM's and Fax's fine through IMAP in outlook, but whenever i try to send a fax to an external #, I get the following error message below.

    I have tried sending the fax the following ways (9 to dial out):

    [email][login to unmask email]/email]
    [login to unmask email]

    Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients.

    Sent: 2/7/2008 4:50 PM

    The following recipient(s) cannot be reached:

    [email][login to unmask email]/email] on 2/7/2008 4:50 PM
    550 User unknown

    I can send a fax to any other user on teh VM system without a problem. I cant send anything outside of the MM system however.

    Does anyone have any ideas? I have attached a screenshot of my mailbox settings.

    One thing i have thought of that might be an issue... is there a place on the MAS to configure the password for the FAX Mailbox? If that needs to be done, I am sure it is not yet configured.
    Ken Means
    When you say "I can send a fax to any other user on teh VM system without a problem" how are you sending it ? Do you mean you are using the IMAP account in outlook to send it to the mailbox or to a fax number?

    I have never tried sending without the plugin in outlook but that may be the problem.

    Also do you have a port group setup for faxing? Are you getting any errors in the app log when this happens or anything in the server event log?

    Also from the screen shot you posted you are on 3.1 MM
    big difference from 3.0

    From the 550 error you should be able to look in the SMTP logs and see what is kicking the 550 error. are you routing mail out your email from the MSS?
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    I am using the IMAP account in outlook; the IMAP account would be my [email][login to unmask email]/email]. So if i wanted to forward a fax to another users VM box through IMAP in Outlook, i just forward it to #####@mss.domain.com, and it gets routed and placed into the ##### mailbox. However, if i do the same for an external phone number, it gets bounced back with the 550 error message. I will have to try doing the same with the MM outlook client, but i dont see any reason why IMAP shouldnt work.

    I am not sure about the port group. We had a vendor come in and install the system, so I am not sure what they did. I am kind of new to this so I dont know everything to look for. How do I check the port group? I assume this is on the MAS.

    I checked the SMTP/IMAP log, the only thing is says is

    Fax attempt from [email][login to unmask email]/email]
    Clientpc.domain.com []
    [login to unmask email]

    I do not have a mail gateway configured in MM

    AM i even sending the messages the correct way? ie, fax=#######@mss.domain.com
    Ken Means
    Use the following instructions to send a fax from within Microsoft
    Outlook using the Modular Messaging system.
    1. Start Microsoft Outlook.
    2. Create a new e-mail message.
    3. In the To... field on the New Message window, type
    [login to unmask email], where nnnn is the fax number of the
    recipient, and mss.domain.com is the message storage server and
    the domain name.
    4. Press CTRL + K so that the fax address is resolved and appears
    5. Right-click on the fax address in the To... field, and select
    6. On the E-mail Properties window, click Custom Type and type
    MM in the E-mail type: field. This will tell Outlook to send the
    message using Modular Messaging. If you do not specify this, the
    fax will not be delivered
    Note: The E-mail type field will display SMTP as the default value
    if you have any other account configured in your Outlook
    7. In the Subject field, type the desired text.
    8. Attach the .tif file, if any, to the message.
    9. In the message body, type the desired text.
    10. Click Send.
    Once you send a fax, Modular Messaging sends a fax delivery status
    notification message (fax delivery successful or failed) to your Modular
    Messaging mailbox.
    When you send a fax using the Modular Messaging system, the system
    automatically attaches a default cover page. You can edit the cover page
    details from the Fax settings in Modular Messaging. Contact your system
    administrator for more information.
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    I tried that exactly, with IMAP and within the MM outlook client, still no go. I am thinking the problem is not from teh client side now, but on the MM side.

    the IMAP/SMTP log is displaying "Fax attempt from ####..", so it looks like its recognizing that it needs to forward the fax. I just think that there is a problem somewhere preventing the fax from going out.

    I just tried logging into the FAX mailbox via TUI, and im getting our message that there is no such extension. And, I see there is no extension on the PBX for the fax mailbox 99998. Does there need to be an extension created on the PBX which matches the one in MM?
    Issam Hambouz
    list trac the tac of MM-CM trunk and see the error you're getting there. Maybe it's just about this trunks COR.

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