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    CONVERGE has a history of providing the best communications technology content to attendees. IAUG CONVERGE2014 is no exception.

    We have determined new categorizations of content, allowing you to mix and match topics of interest to you more easily. We're also offering fewer concurrent sessions, allowing you to focus on the topics most important to you.

    New this year, CONVERGE Spotlight Sessions will include high-level panel discussions, featuring consultants, analysts, members and partners sharing insights on industry trends including integration and interoperability, virtualization, and cloud.

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    Roadmaps are a basis for planning and decision-making, and define the direction that Avaya is headed. Roadmaps put forward action plans aimed at raising the maturity of technologies to a level. 

    Unified Communications and Collaboration
    This topic provides a focus on collaboration within the products and services Avaya offers. Attendees will learn how to leverage their messaging, video, and other communications platforms to enhance the ability of their users to take advantage of the benefits of real-time collaboration.

    Video and Conferencing
    These sessions will enable you to create faster, more effective collaboration inside the enterprise and externally by showcasing conferencing solutions for desktops, meeting rooms, and mobile devices. Topics may include SCOPIA and integration with other web tools.

    Unified Messaging
    This topic focuses on the evolution of voice messaging into the unified communication portfolio. Sessions will feature new solutions and applications that leverage the investments already made in voice messaging and share the latest in Avaya Messaging solutions that enhance enterprise applications.

    Today’s worker is increasingly mobile. Our users have come to expect that we can support their smart phones, tablets and a wide variety of video options. Sessions will focus on solutions to support video, BYOD, remote workers and mobile devices. Attendees will learn about systems integration and ACE from Avaya, Avaya Business Partners and experienced members. Learn how to develop a plan for the new media sources that are taking over the telecom industry.

    New and advanced communications technologies, like social media, are changing the landscape of how we do business, including how we work together and how we interact with and serve customers. How we typically communicate and handle business—from sales and marketing to addressing customer issues—may no longer be the most popular or even the most effective approach. Products discussed may include Social Media Manager, Interaction Center, Advanced Applications Support and Professional Services Implementation.
    E911, 411, and Emergency Services
    The migration of the country’s networks to IP, as well as the proliferation of different types of connected interactions and devices, is impacting virtually every aspect of communication. Emergency services are no exception. These topics will cover the latest developments and best practices in managing your emergency services offerings.

    Learn the latest on Session Initiation Protocol from Avaya experts, Avaya Partners and users from all stages of implementation.

    Interoperability and Integration
    Business and IT leaders are investing in solutions that keep a close eye on cost, value and deployment risk. In some cases, by integrating Avaya solutions with platforms like Microsoft Lync, SAP or VMware, collaboration becomes easier and more innovative.

    Mobile devices come in all shapes and sizes, from smartphones, notebooks and tablets. While mobility boosts enterprise employee efficiency by delivering “anywhere access” to business data and systems, it obliterates what’s left of the increasingly ineffective corporate network perimeter. But with less control than ever over enterprise data access from a myriad of consumer devices—including BYOD – we are experiencing more difficulty in determining which devices are accessing which systems and data. These topics will cover solutions and developments to ensure your organization stays secure.

    While UC (Unified Communication) is generally triggered by an individual, CEBP (Communication-enabled Business Process) is event triggered. Sessions in this focus area discuss scenarios in which this occurs and the Avaya solutions available.

    Virtualization of any enterprise’s server infrastructure offers benefits in hardware consolidation and system management. Topics may include the Avaya Virtual Enterprise Network Architecture (VENA), Virtualized Applications in the Data Center or the Virtual Services Platform 7000.

    Enterprises of all sizes are looking into the flexible, frictionless infrastructure that a private, public, or hybrid cloud promises. Explore the ins and outs of the cloud and how best to incorporate it into your organization’s planning.

    Business Strategies and ROI
    With a focus on helping attendees succeed in business, these sessions will feature customer case studies and subject matter experts sharing their insights on how to show ROI in the budgeting process, become an influencer and how to project manage implementation across networks.

    Career Management
    Career management is the lifelong process of investing resources to achieve specific career goals. In tough economic times, career management is more important than ever. This topic covers the information, tips, and stories about managing your career, whether in your current organization or over the cycles of your work life.

    System Management Tools
    Sessions within this focus area are targeted toward attendees searching for information related to system, configuration, fault & performance reporting, and network management. This track focuses on imparting knowledge that will enable attendees to fully exploit the capabilities of the management tools, with emphasis on Avaya Integrated Management and DevConnect Partner applications.

    Maintenance and Services
    Sessions focus on Avaya Services and how Avaya and Avaya-authorized partners deliver full end-to-end capabilities to help transform multi-vendor networks with unparalleled performance, integrated applications, consulting, security and recovery planning. Sessions teach how upcoming changes will affect you and your maintenance agreements.


    Sessions in each of these content areas will fall into one of these tracks:

    • Avaya Aura
    • Avaya Communication Manager
    • Scopia HD Video Solutions
    • CS1000
    • IP Office
    • Large Avaya (Aura & CM) 
    • Contact Center
    • Data Networking
    • All Communication Platforms
    • All Platforms/Business (non-platform specific topics)

    Full session details will be available in early 2014.

    April 27 - May 1, 2014 | Dallas, TX

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