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    IAUG365 offers you a year-round education experience complete with on-demand and live webinars, articles and past conference recordings. Each quarter of 2017 focuses on a theme aligned with the industry trends you hear about and the business challenges you face every day.

    Q1: Power Up

    Our Q1 offerings will hone in on how to take advantage of integrating emerging technologies in the new year. 

    Q2: Follow Through

    Implementing innovation technologies is something every comapny is doing. From implementation and migration to cost benefits and management, IAUG Q2 content will address your questions and challenges while providing you with the latest insights on what's new in the industry. 

    Q3: Test It

    2017 will offer new technology. By Q3 of 2017, you will have an idea of what bugs there are and how to properly use the technology. Now that you know how to use it to your advantage, let's talk about how to capitalize on your products. 

    Q4: Upgrade You

    There are a lot of ways you can improve your business performance, efficiency and ROI, but where do you start? With a focus on helping you solve your real-world challenges while still looking ahead at what is to come, the content in Q4 is exactly what you need to reasses your tech and consider improvements for next year. 


    IAUG On-Demand Education

    Want more education? Check out these offerings from IAUG, Avaya and our partners:

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    *IAUG webinars recordings are a member benefit. Please sign into your IAUG account to access the materials or Join IAUG today to take advantage of this benefit. 


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